Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things to do and places to go....before i die.

1. Learn to swim
2. Bungee jumping
3. Swim Diving
4. Amend relationships with lost friends (if they want it too, or else, forget bout it)
5. Go to all Asean, popular and nice places.
6. Travel around the world.
7. Attend man utd game at old trafford
8. Attend tvxq n other fav korean idol concert in korea, or vip in malaysia concert. 

There're so many things i wanna do and places to go, for now, this is what i wanna do, the list to be cont.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Geminid meteors

It's the time of the year again!

It's the Geminid Meteor Shower!!!

I've saw it once few years ago, and I did it again.

This time, I manage to see more than I expected. Indeed my best night of my life, able to see more in a night.

According to Earthsky, the peak hour for Geminid Meteor is between 13th night til 14th dawn. At my area, during that time was cloudy and drizzled a little. Moreover, I was too busy for my assignment submission, I stayed up all night doing it. I did went out from the house to check the sky, but it was cloudy. It's the monsoon season, and I'm not that surprise if it rains at night.

As for today, I just looked up to the sky, surprisingly it was so clear!

I could more stars today as well. The Orion Constellation which also known as the hunter is the most obvious in the sky. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the night. really 아름다운 밤, a beautiful night. This reminds me of the same name song by a Korean Group, Beast. Now, the song is stuck in my head.

As I was smiling away looking at the stars, then I came to see few streaks of meteors, it was quite fast. I was happy, that I'm able to see it. Then I just waited, then I saw one, a slower and brighter with whoosh sound, seeing it, leaving a trail with the sound and then, it burst, n gone. That's the 2nd most memorable one I've ever seen because this is considered the 1st time I see a clear and slower in speed, at home. The 1st of course, I saw it when I was in a plane, flying from Sabah back to KL. AWESOME!!

Greed came in, and I wanna see more, and I did. I'm truly blessed that I could see it clearly.

Then I remembered, reading somewhere that we could see the Orion Nebulae along the 'sword' of the the Hunter. I went and took a binoculars, and I'm more than happy that I could see the blurry image of the Nebulae. I mean, I could see it is the Nebulae. I'm so happy because the sky is soooo clear. I think this is considered clearest compared to other nights.

Do check out EarthSky website.

I could sleep nicely tonight, smiling...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A lil of Asian

I've been listening to Korean a lot. K-Pop, all thanks to TVXQ. 5 or 2 or 3, They never fail me.

Then, recently, just past few days, had a sudden urge to listen to Filipino songs by M.Y.M.P especially. The main, girl vocal, is soo jazzy and soothing.

Not only Filipino, then I listened to local and Indonesia songs. The old ones. Not that old, like Peterpan, Samsons, Hujan, Siti Nurhaliza. I find that some older songs are nicer to listen.

One day, shall listen to all Chinese then Japanese, no..Japanese is in my JKPop list in Itunes. However, i'm not that keen to Thai or IndoChina parts of songs. maybe shall try one day..few songs.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Single Ladies songs~

2 single, independent ladies songs released, one by Miss A "I don't need a man" and Ailee's "I will show you"

I'm hooked to these too~

Miss A: Miss independent part 3, a touch of Beyonce's 'genre'

Ailee's showing off his ex how she change and ditch him! muahhahaha.

Just love these types of independent women, don't need a man. muahahha

New Korean Singer, Hot Debut.

There's a new artiste just debut not long ago, Baek Seung Heon. He's damn tall!!
He's just 21 years old and not bad looking ;)

His new song, "Til the sun rises" written and composed by my favourite, Kim Jae Joong, is awesome!!

I love the beat, kinda like JYP mix, RnB and its perfect. the chorus hooked me up. the beat makes me wanna dance with it, even though i dont know how to. just following the beat....

WOO woo woo woo baby...
woo woo woo woo baby...

Teaser of the MV featuring Jaejoong himself.

It's like a cheering, happy, love song~

Seung Heon himself debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 4th November. He looked a bit mix with western.

I'm hooked to this song! Do Support him!

Friday, October 5, 2012


I've watched We Got Married (WGM), with Nichkhun from 2PM and Victoria from f(x) as a couple before, it was last year's til this year's story.

I love that couple because, they seem so real. I like Victoria because 1, she's chinese, and she's just adorable. Nichkhun coz he's sooo cute!! and romantic. love both of them.
They're just sooo cute together.

And now, I'm watching again from the beginning. ^.^

They're the 1st couple which i wanted to watch for the 2nd time. AH!

I hope i can meet someone like Nichkhun and be in a couple like both of them.

K Drama again~


Non stop K-drama.

Been following a lot of dramas after "You're Beautiful"

The one I love most, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Protect the Boss, Fashion King, Gentlemen' Dignity, Love Rain, Rooftop Prince and now To the Beautiful you. Mostly I watch is because of the Idols especially with TVXQ members in it. For me, JYJ is still in TVXQ. :) Jaejoong, Yoochun, then other idols. but the stories are amazing too!

These are the dramas I don't mind watching over and over again.

Funny, love and dramas, lots of dramas. HAHHAHA.

Then it leads to their OST. simply the best.

Now I have J-min, "Stand Up" as my ringtone.

I love it~

Aunty Kim

My dear Aunty Kim,

She's my mom's friend, or should i say formally, a client when my mom was working in a law firm.
She's thin, and pretty with shiny white hair. We recognize her by her body frame, and her hair, when she talks, she's always in her smile. Even though she's quite old, but she's always young at heart. She used to drive around in her Nissan Sunny.

I remember when i was a small kid, i used to follow my mom to visit Aunty Kim at her old bungalow house, at sect 14. She was a friendly lady, gives lots of advises. I can't remember it now, but i do remember she was very kind and helpful.

Every Chinese New Year, we used to pay a visit to her, and she would give me a big ang pao, it was consider big enough. i would say, almost 20 years ago. She always likes to buy butter cookies for us, it was consider the expensive one, which other people seldom would buy. Whenever there's a box of butter cookies, no doubt it was from her.

She's a very happy person. Always has a smile on her face.

My mom told me bout her stories, a brief one, when she was younger. Aunty Kim is the eldest daughter of one of Malayan Tin Mining tycoon back in the olden days. She worked very hard when she was a young lady. I remembered Aunty Kim used to tell me some of her stories as well, but now i cant remember what was her stories til my mom told me again.

She's an awesome lady. She helps lots of people and she is quite well known, i cant say among who.

My mom mentioned before, just few months ago, mom visited her again, she was very old, and weak, and has a lil Alzheimer. She couldn't recognize my mom at 1st, then she remembers when my mom reminded her. It was sad to hear that and makes me think, what will happen if both of my parents were like that too? I seriously don't know how i will cope.

Then, few days ago, Aunty Kim's son messaged my mom and said, Aunty Kim has passed away peacefully.

I got the news from my grandma, it made me shocked. I wasn't that shocked that Aunty Kim was passed, but my grandma just said "you'll have 1 less ang pao to collect now" she was so serious, I really thought she was talking bout herself, even my elder aunty sitting next to my grandma got shocked too. Then I asked what do you mean? She then said, Aunty Kim has passed away. Then I got a lil relieved, but lil shocked on that news. I think she passed coz of old age.

Earlier, my mom and I went to her funeral and met Aunty Kim's family. I saw her coffin, and Aunty Kim's face, she still has a smiley face, I mean 笑容。 At least, she passed away peacefully.

I'm missing you already. We all gonna miss you.

R.I.P Aunty Kim.
God Bless.

Monday, October 1, 2012

back to taiping after soooooooo long

i know this is kinda late, but i dont care. muahahha.

i went to Taiping last 2 weeks for short holidays.

i cudnt apply leave earlier, had to go to work as work wasn't finish.

took half day leave, and insisted to take train to Taiping. My wonderful brother stayed with me and took the train with me instead of leaving early with my mom and aunt. Thank you~

it was last 4 tics, and we manage to take 2, for evening train. front seat, facing TV and last coach. or first coach. sort of 1st class. lols.
it's actually a wonderful sight throughout the journey. country side, is actually beautiful.
i can't remember where was this.

then when i reach Taiping, Ah! the feeling of "I'm here, finally!!" after so ages. i mean to the train station.
but seriously, Taiping changed. they're building another station next to the old one, and makes me wonder what will happen to the existing one in the future. i heard that they're planning to have direct track, from KL i think to bangkok. i think it'll be awesome! 

well, when i reach, my aunt and mom came to pick both of us up, and went for dinner. then back to my another aunt's house. Actually i did went to Taiping just several years back, 2 or 3 years ago for one of my niece's wedding in Kulim.

the nex morning, my aunt went to maxwell hill for morning jog while my brother, mom and I went to the lake garden, the famous Taiping lake garden. what's so famous, it's coz of its history and the garden is just beautiful and wonderful, especially thanks to the almost century old trees around the lake.
lotus lake

the winding branch trees, it's even more beautiful to experience it there

feel like swinging

tree on the roundabout

Beautiful reflection with Maxwell Hill at the background

Then in the afternoon, shopping time! til nyt, went to taiping town for dinner. actually i kinda ate 3 times in a row. my family too. 1st at home, ate some, then went to town, near a market, eat again, then went to a famous kuey teow soup shop, eat again, but my brother ate the most. i only took few bites. lols.

the next morning, my aunt's hiker friends came, and they went for marathon. it's an event, Taiping full marathon. none in the group went for the full marathon, but my brother and few other hikers went for 10km, and uncle teo, who's in his 60s, went for half marathon. omg!! then we prepare to go up to the hill for a nyt stay. 

My mom and I and another couple went up by jeep. while the rest, hehehhe, walk/hike up.
I walked up once, let's see, 6 or 7 years ago, it was still ok for me, til 2nd hut which is 2 miles or 2 km from the starting point. then walk back down, now the other gang, my aunt, brother and aunt's hiker friends, walk up for almost 10km til the bungalow we stay for the nyt. the amount of things we need to bring, oh my...
only part of luggage we had of 11 people.

it was incredible and yet dangerous. omg! the steepness and the winding roads, were sooooooooo dangerous. only jeep able to drive up, and skilled driver only. it's worst than cameron highland's. but im happy that i manage to reach at the bungalow without feeling sick. thanks to the salted sour plum. hehehhe. 

the bungalow, which my aunt rented for, few hundreds can accommodate 15 people, according to the bed available but i think can stay more, coz it's huge!!! it's considered clean. 

One of the bedrooms. it's huge actually. 

the living room

'fire place'

dining area with extra chairs by the railing

the room i shared with mom, brother, aunt and another friend

smallest room

kitchen, even it is huge.

one of the antique feature.

the hidden bungalow from the gate.

view of Taiping and Port Weld, and beyond is the straits of Malacca

it's not that high, but on the way up, damn steep

a 'leisure' playground further down from the bungalow with hanging bridge.

overlooking the whole town and sea from the bridge

the exterior of the bungalow.

The bungalow is actually the most convenient for big groups, coz if it's noisy, no one disturbs, and we can cook ourselves, there's even a bbq pit outside. it's great for big group of people.

the sun is setting

nyam nyam

ai ya, the clouds are getting in the way.

another hill, from the same range

nyt view of the town. but I cant seem to watch stars gazing. but i got to see an owl

Good morning~

beautiful tree just above the bungalow

beautiful flower.
we had wonderful dinner, cooked, and wonderful dinner. it was damn full.
the next day, morning, we all went down by jeep, luckily the thrill wasn't like the one going up. then we went to my aunt's hse, then went to eat cendol, then we head to ipoh. that's around, almost evening. then eat eat eat.

this trip seriously eat and eat and eat.

just eat.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Obsession? nah....

I'm .... wait.. is it called as obsession??
I love rings.. not all kinds of rings, just some which catches my eye and my heart.
i love special, sometimes cute and one of a kind design rings.
i've got more than 30 rings, and i still wanna buy more.
for me, i dont really pay so much on it, unless it's super one of a kind design, then ill splurge on it. others is around ...less than RM10 preferably.
i miss bangkok, i wanna go there again for shopping. shop shop shop.
and of course, i would like to go to korea to shop too. just one day..i will go.

another obsession?

TVXQ and JYJ. JYJ still TVXQ. if i can afford, i will obviously buy everything regarding bout them. i will one day. i only tweet to Jaejoong more compared to other people. soooooooo hoping that he'll acknowledge and knows me. :/ oh well....

K-pop is now part of life.
even my new project for my year 2 is k-pop store. just a proposal of a K-pop store in SS2 mall. still striving for concepts to suit it. thought of using Korean cafe setting but still lots of thinkin to do... herm..

love love...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

over estimated

I thought I can, but....

I over estimated myself. I thought I can finish some things on the specific time, but no. Oh no!!

I thought it was easy, but it wasn't when especially I was thinking a lot bout it.

Must not repeat this in future.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Culture shock!

I've been experiencing culture shock of my life.

I'm still around M'sia. 

another college's culture shock. really not used to it.

really itchy backside. 

when i was working, i thought studying better, but now i think working is better.

now is doing it for my future.

Until now I'm thinking whether I'm suitable in this field.

I'm not that creative, ok wait. shouldn't think this way.

I was watching "The Secret" again, must not focus on negative things instead. 

Instead of saying I'm not that creative, I should think, I can be creative. Shouldn't compare to others but fight within myself first.

I can do it. I must be more hardworking and think fast.

Go go go!!

Just like Jaejoong quoted "Nothing is easy in this world we're living in, Let's work hard"


Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm back! to Student life

I'm officially a student again!
It's not easy for not getting income after working for a year.
I must change and learn from my previous mistakes! Change and be optimistic. Be good!
yes, i have time management problem! must really learn to manage my time so I can work part time.
my previous boss asked me if I can come back and help, just work part time or so. I need income!
so many things to pay and i'm not young anymore. like duh-uh. more and more responsibility after working. Really not easy.
Now seriously, just for the cert, but to revive my once upon a time passion when I first step into Alif. For the sake of earning a decent income to survive. but, yes all the buts, after these years, i cant stop wondering if i'm stepping into the right path. i've did personality test and all, and the 'tester' said i'm fit in this, as in, fit in this line, but not this path. .....

All these kids, lol. no. they're my classmates, only 20, mostly, are more hardworking, and competitive. it's good. healthy stress i guess?

oh well, just hope i do well, blend in this 'society' and ... just do well.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to studies?

I've decided to continue my studies in Degree.

I'll have an interview in KBU tmr, and hope things goes well. Lots to ask, actually I already knew few things.

I need that student feelings back and no more procrastinating. I HOPE.

I already tender my resignation last week, and I literally gave my both bosses a bomb. They were shocked.

Well, I've been thinking bout it for very long time, even since last year, til now, I better continue it before its too late, before fees goes up, and the feelings of in need to study for degree gone. I've consulted my previous lecturer and asked my friends bout it, and they encourage greatly on this.

INVEST in FUTURE. absolutely true. knowledge is one thing no one can take it away from us.

Financially, hope it's not too burdensome to my parents. but, to think bout it, the feelings to continue working is in need. DAMN.

ok, decided, means decided. better no turning back.

I like and kinda enjoy working in that company. I really learn a lot, even though is the basic stuff, but its really really a lot. My seniors are really helpful and supportive. I couldn't thank them more. I really owe them a lot, even my bosses, whom treat us to Bangkok mid this year. I owe this to them also.

I really feel guilty for this.

I just wish I could to better in these 2 years.

I even wish I could go to overseas, of course who wouldn't want.

Oh well, will see how tmr.

jjeng jjeng..

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tohoshinki Classic Collection

Even though I'm a late on this, they never fail me.

Love this collection.

It's TVXQ's best collection in orchestra arrangements. It's really AWESOME!
It moves me and soothes me.
Will buy it if they have it here!

It's really JJANG!!


Can't Stop loving them, their songs and music.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Random comeback


Its been a long time. Ill make it short n random.

I think, actually still thinkin, cont study or cont working? 4th time already in such dilemma.
Hopefully able to make decision soon after meeting them on comin tuesday.

One thing for sure, my love n support for TVXQ n JYJ never change.

Another random. I still dream of him! Its been ages i last saw him. Sometimes, i do miss him... Sometimes...

After all these years, tak ubah ubah.


Good night!

Monday, January 31, 2011





Monday, November 15, 2010


第一次 写汉语拼音。


再见,안녕. 찰자애요. おやすみ。재중어빠, 사랑해! hahahha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fat Spoon


What is that?


I was out with Lee Lee and Nathalie to uptown to print their final presentation board. I was being usual..hehhehe. Love seeing their work. I was like...OMG!!

While waiting to finish printing total of 17 pieces of A0(s), we went to this 'cafe' nearby, called "Fat Spoon". Wondermilk was closed til 18th of September due to Hari Raya celebration. Wanted to go..

Well, "Fat Spoon" from the Sign Board, it's quite simple yet attracting.

At the doorstep, 3 of us went WAH!

It's doesn't look a place to eat, but it is. I don't know how to describe it, we were amazed and love it!

At the entrance, the door, as a ladle as the door handle, but to push. (forgot to take a pic of it)
The interior, it's totally amazing. It's simple, it's like some old place, it's vintage.

Different types of old wooden dining chairs.
There's a table for old sewing machine.

Just behind the entrance, a long board, hand written menu.

4 wooden one seater cushioned sofa, and few rotans side table. I remember my house used to have one, a similar one.

By the side, there's a collection of pictures of, I think the owner's childhood pictures. Seriously old. Like my parent's generation's pics.

Few different designs of dining tables and chairs.

There's one a table for 6 or 8, above the table, there's a wooden ladder, placed horizontally, and the kitchen utensils are hung from the ladder. Old utensils.

The drinks 'bar' is fully brick and the kitchen, well, only staff allowed in. So can't say anything bout it.

It's sooo nice. Slightly like Wondermilk, but this place is more like a place to reminiscing the old times of childhood. Seriously. It's so, kampung yet modern. I seriously don't know how to describe it. Maybe to some of you, it's just "ah, they have this and that, it's like that and so on" but for me, it has a special feeling to it. I might describe it like other people do, but I just feel it's more. Maybe to some are like me too. hhehhe. I think you must go there yourself to experience it.

When we got their menu, it's old Peter and Jane story book, the old kid's book. We were talking bout the menu n the whole interior instead of thinking which to order. Really admiring our parent's generation's furnitures and how they reuse the old stuff as decorations and furnishings.

Their printed menu is paste in the book itself. (forgotten to take photo of it)

The food are mostly local, or mom cook dishes. It's like a family like cafe/restaurant. Price was kinda moderately high, not too expensive, but it could be slightly cheaper. But it was ok.

We had light snack and refreshing sour fruit juice.

3 currypuffs and mini spring rolls for 3 of us

I kept taking pictures, but forgotten bout the toilet.

Many things I didn't take pics of, felt a bit weird, but I guess I wont be the only one who took pics of this place.

It was a nice place...

Still wondering why is it called "Fat Spoon"

P/S: from the pics I took, was from my phone, it's not so clear or attractive unlike digital cam or DSLR. Those who like interior, this is one of a place should go.

Monday, September 6, 2010

total random for past 3 months.

This is another random post. I've took few pics from my phone.
Pics from few months back til recent ones.

July, WORLD CUP!!!!
My best Girl Footie Fan. Only both of us enjoy watching football together and we watched almost every game together except the Finals.

This was, Spain vs can't remember who's match.

Enjoying it there with another 2 football fans, 2 of my senior, a guy and a gurl.
And Shaun came last.

Another game we watched together.
We were at Chili's Bangsar.
There, Brigitte writing down our own predictions of scores and who's gonna qualified to the next round.

YUMMY 2!!!

Then, the last week of World Cup, my family and I went back to Malacca to visit ma grandpa then. At nyt, my uncle brought us to Portugese Settlement to eat these......
Never fail to message Brigitte to tell her that I'm eating some of her self-proclaim ancestor's food. lols.. no likey.

Mine...It's tasty.

The famous Portuguese Grilled Fish with spicy sauce.

Fried Kang Kung.

We all loved this. Sambal Sotong....It's damn good.

Smoked Crabs. It was dry, but we could taste the freshness of the sea.


1st time i see get to try this...Scallops. It's really delicious coz of the sauce.

The next day, we went around town.

Then, late evening, we bought Putu Piring.
It's situated along Jalan Tengkera nearby a TOTO 4D shop.
It's famous til 'Ah Xian' came and promote it.

The next day, my cousins and aunty came from Taiping, stayed in One World Hotel.
This the view of BU from their room.

It was a mess coz we were lying and lazying there with my grandma.
The room was awesome. Definitely executive room.

I think this was the night after, I met Brigitte after a week or 2 after World Cup finals.
She had to make my sundae to become a Flaw.

Then in early August, I brought Soo Har to KLCC for this event, FemmeCity.
It's a Girls' world there!
Fashion, Feng Shui, Beauty, Home stuff and all..

This is one of a talk bout self confidence on how we dress and all. We only manage to listen for 10 to 15 seconds, then we head to our booked BaZi Reading by Joey Yap's student.
Pretty Accurate. Superstitious me.

Towards the end, Fashion show, by Melinda Looi, Zang Toi, Eric Choong and Eclipse.
If I'm not mistaken This is Zang Toi's collection.

After the show, then we saw Amber Chia actually sitting in front of us. She's 6 months pregnant I think that time. A model, Fabulous mom.
End - Best 4 creations of the 4 designers.

Cam Whoring. Near the exit of FemmeCity.

I love my stuff. Some I had to give away, coz it's not my style.
Mostly people buy for me as birthday presents...mostly from Secondary School til now.
Some are from the countries they went.
I wanna add more rings. Love rings. Rings, I buy. Wanna add more.

These, can say all of it were presents. Only 2 I bought from Bali, those beads ones.
Seldom wear it, but will try to use it more when I go out, if I don't forget.

These too. I mean mostly are presents. Love the hearts.

Then, one day, Brigitte and I went to PAWS, near Ara Damansara.
She wanna get a dog, but we just went there and see see.
They were adorable, even though a bit 'MIXED' and smelly.

This one, was near the floor, drain. Poor fella stuck out its head. They didn't bark so much.
Look quite pity.

Like this one, "TAKE ME!"

This is sooo cute!

Then one day, another one day, I was browsing through one of my sketch book.
Those portraits sketches I did, few were alright.
I was using the wrong technique.
BUT, still turn out nice..

Some I think U can guess who is who.

This one, FAILED. Tried but failed.

Another one day, I was driving Brigitte home, along Old Klang Road,
I love to see ray of sun piercing through the dark clouds.

Then just 2 weeks ago, I drove my family back to Malacca for Grandpa's 49th day death memorial. I was a driver the whole time.

We went to town, Jalan Hang Kasturi, mom wants to find this old grandpa who makes wooden pail. Ancient, Antique ones. no. I mean, he still makes it by hand at some 'lorong'
Those pails aren't cheap.

Then, next to the Lorong, I found this.
Hang Jebat's Mausoleum.
Saw it for quite some time, this is the 1st to enter.

A long Baba Nyonya style house beside. Renovated.

This is where Hang Jebat laid in peace.

While waiting for traffic light to turn green, I saw this, cloud. It looked like a Dragon's head.
I love to see clouds and start to imagine stuff.

I was too tired to drive, I asked mom to drive halfway from Seremban to Kota Kemuning.
I was really tired the whole day and coincidently, my first day of period.
Exhausted and PMS-ing.

On Merdeka eve, Brigitte and I were out again for a drink in Old Town Kopitiam in Old Town.
Then we were bored, we went driving around. We went to Sunway Giza, passing by here and there, then we went to Mont Kiara, Solaris. There, I was chewing a gum, then in the toilet, I swallowed it. I was trying to cough it out, but end up I threw out. BUT, gum is no where to be seen. DAMN. It's stuck in my body.

We went up to SOHO, I took this shot, an almost half moon on top of a building.
My phone cam wasn't that good, but at there watching it, it was beautiful.

Then yesterday, whole day I was out with Soo Har, went to MPH sales in the morning. A lil regretted bought a lil unnecessary books. Kinda overspend too. But nah, I want it. hehehhe.
Then to DKSH sales in the afternoon.
Cheap Pads. lols.
Brought back some empty boxes for my family to keep stuff when renovation starts.

At night, out again with Soo Har again, and my other IA classmates.
Grace fetched us with Chris too.
We had a lil gathering at the 'Look Out Point', Cheras.
On the way, I had to cam a lil with Soo Har's Lens-less frame. HEHEH.

The 2 'soos'

Only Guy Michael and Chris.

Grace and Soo Har nex to me.

US, with the scenery behind.

I still like this. Only one photo doesn't make me look too pale-ly white.

At the bottom of the entrance.

The Whole Scenery.
This was my 3rd time there and I still can't find my way. Must drive there one day then I can remember.
It changed a lot.
Really missed the 1st time I went, 2 years ago with Kenny, Alexis, Jan, Su Mei, and ARIS!
We all had fun there. Miss all of them.

These are the random pics I took from my phone's cam.
It's Nokia 5800